Dieser Beitrag ist entstanden für einen Digital Marketing Kurs bei Udacity und beschreibt meine Erfahrung, wie dieser Kurse auch kleinen Unternehmen dabei helfen kann, mehr Strategie ins Marketing zu bringen:

As a female small business owner you know the situation: there is always more work than you can do in the company (let alone at home). And marketing is an important part of this work.

I have been online-marketing for a couple of years and it has become the major source of leads. I have worked to optimize with tools like Yoast, Seobility or SEO-services. At one point I felt that

I needed a more strategic approach because all these tools often created more questions than answers. The services seemed to work for each invidual website, but I felt that i needed more background and a more integrated approach for the my homepage, blog, webinars, etc.

So I decided to do what is closest to my business as an e-learning company and consultancy: Take an e-learning course.

I shopped around and found courses on Coursera, EdX and also Udemy, which had provided very useful experiences in the past.

Then, someone pointed me to the Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program by Udacity. 
The program has been created with the backing of the major players in online marketing: Google, Facebook, Twitter… So, I knew I would get the latest on these fields.

They take us from the basics of marketing to how analyze the success of Google or Facebook Ads.
The program consists of video lectures, learning summaries, quizzes and assignments. A tutor is there to accompany me and replies very fast. The assignments are thoroughly reviewed with great tipps for improvement. There are options to discuss in forums and study groups which I did not have the time for yet.

The price is roughly 1000 EUR,for the 10 week course but also the time investment of about 10hrs per week counts. And it is in English language.

This far into the course, lesson 3 of 10, I have been very satisfied with the experience. I know now that I have enough content on my websites but have to display it different ways (“repurpose” as it is called). My strategic plan is shaping up. And I am looking forward to the next lessons.